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I update this index on a reciprocal basis. If you are interested in a link exchange let me know and I will insert your web address - provided that it is related to minerals and mineralogy - in this page with a comment.


Collectors (not selling)

Antonio Rapisarda

Italy. Antonio Rapisarda, Sicilian collector; website with fine photos, news and useful info about mineralogical word. Photo from localities in the South of Italy too

Giampiero Arrigoni

Italy. The website of the italian collector Giampiero Arrigoni, with photos and info about mineralogical localities in the Valle d'Aosta area

Gianni Peracchi

Italy. Gianni Peracchi, living near Bergamo in North of Italy, shows his pieces on this website; a lot of specimens typical of the region and a lot of photos


France. Beautiful photos of minerals, especially Alpine pieces, made by the French collector Fred



Gruppo Agordino Mineralogico Paleontologico

Italy. Website of the Gruppo Agordino Mineralogico Paleontologico, active in the Dolomiti area. Photos, info and books

Gruppo Mineralogico Paleontologico Euganeo

Italy. Home page of the Gruppo Mineralogico Paleontologico Euganeo, in Padova. Scheduled meetings, info and news

Gruppo Mineralogico Scaligero

Italy. Home Page of the Gruppo Mineralogico Scaligero, based in Verona, organizer of the "giornata scambio minerali", a well-known swap-day for collectors

Cercle de Minéralogie et Paléontologie de Belgique

Belgium. The Circle of Mineralogy and Paleontology of Belgium (CMPB) is a no profit cultural association. A monthly bulletin is published 10 times per year, in addition articles treating of mineralogy and of paleontology

Mineralogial Club of Antwerp

Belgium. Home page of the Mineralogical Club of Antwerp. I find this site very useful to look for general info about sites, collectors, associations, dealers and others


Dealers, collectors (sellers), and other companies

Marco Ballati

Italy. Website of an Italian collector, with nice photos of specimens from Italian localities and worlwide


Italy. Website of an Italian dealer and collector, frequently updated, with proposal for both rare systematic and aesthetic collections

Minerali del Piemonte

Italy. A collector offering some pieces from his region, Piemonte. The site is recommended to find detailed information on minerals, mines and mineralogical sites in Piemonte

Minerali di Salgemma e di Sali Potassici della Sicilia

Italy. This Website - made by the mineralogist Ettore Fiorino from Sicily - is specialized in geology and ore deposit in Sicily; photo and useful information


Italy. WebMinerals is a professional site run by a group of people that are collectors and dealers. A lot of specimens from everywhere, frequently updated; report from the main fairs


Italy. The site of an Italian collector offering specimens from Italy and elsewhere

Geomine Gallura

Italy. Website devoted to the Gallura (in Sardinia), minerals photos from Gamboni's collection, other information on mineralogy

Marco Macchieraldo

Italy. Marco Macchieraldo, an Italian collector with a flair for Western Alps. Interesting articles, photos and minerals for trade


Italy. Paleofox, Italian portal on paleontology: a lot of news, articles, scientific sections

Matrix Minerals

Germany. Very fine pieces for sale in this site of a German collector. A lot of interesting photos of museum pieces, also

Alpine Minerals

Germany. Website of a German collector that, together with his wife, offers a selection of specimens from everywhere

Application Research Training in Geosciences

Germany. A site spanning economic geology, applied sedimentology, ore mineralogy, petrography and geomorphology. To share experience and knowledge with students at the university and young recruits, the author give lecture courses and field seminars in economic geology and applied sedimentology

Minerals from Hungary

Hungary.The website of Pécsi Tivadar: on his pages, agates and other minerals for sale, from Hungary


The Denis' site, mineral dealer from Ukraine and owner of mineral web-sites

Hummingbird Minerals

USA. A mineral dealer specialized in cabinet size specimens, with a lot of pieces (some sections of website devoted to Fluorite) from everywhere


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